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Green Cards for Spouses, Children, and Parents

About the Green Card

What Does

a Green Card Do?

A US green card (lawful permanent residence) allows the spouse, parents, and children of a US citizen to live and work in the US permanently, as well as travel freely in and out of the country. Green card holders will eventually be eligible to apply for US citizenship.

There are many ways to qualify for a US green card. The most common ways people qualify are through marriage to a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, family connections, employment, the diversity visa program, or refugee or asylee status. We specialize in green cards for foreign nationals who are married to US citizens or lawful permanent residents. Even if you fall into one of the broad categories above, everyone's situation is unique, so it is best to speak with an immigration lawyer to verify your eligibility and ensure that you submit a strong application.

How Do I Qualify?

Our Approach

We work directly with you through the entire process.

  • If you are already in the US and going through the adjustment of status (AOS) process:

    • We will complete all forms for you (I-130, I-130A, I-864, G-1145, I-485, I-765, and I-131), help you gather the proper supporting documentation, and mail you a complete application to simply sign and submit to USCIS.

    • We will include an application for a work permit (EAD) and a travel document, so you can begin working and traveling as soon as possible.

    • We will monitor the status of your case and assist you in responding to any requests for evidence (RFE).

    • Finally, we will prepare you for your interview at the embassy or with USCIS.

  • If you are currently residing abroad:

    • ​We will complete the I-130 petition to be submitted to USCIS with all supporting documentation.

    • We will follow up with USCIS to ensure your petition is approved as soon as possible.

    • Upon approval of the petition, we will prepare the DS-260 and I-864 for you and help you gather all of the required supporting documentation to submit to the National Visa Center (NVC).

    • Finally, we will prepare you for your interview at the US embassy where you are applying.

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