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L-1A Intracompany Transferee Visas

About L-1A Intracompany Transferee Visas

What Does

the L-1A Visa Do?

An L1 visa, specifically the L1A visa, allows you to move to the United States for an extended period of time to work for the affiliate, subsidiary, or parent of your current employer. While extensions to this visa generally allow you to stay up to 7 years, this visa can also be a pathway to permanent residence through an EB-1C Green Card, and eventual citizenship. L1A visas can also be used to open new offices in the United States for companies that are already operating abroad.

  • There must be a foreign company related to a US company as an affiliate, parent, or subsidiary. If no US company currently exists, you can use the L1A visa to open a new office.

  • You must have been working at the foreign company for at least 1 continuous year within the last 3 years.

  • For that 1 year period, you must have been a manager or executive at the foreign company.

  • You must be coming to the US company to work as a manager or executive.

  • You must be qualified for that position based on your education and experience.

How Do I Qualify?

Our approach to preparing L1A visa applications is extremely comprehensive. Many L1A denials can be avoided if the attorney takes the time to review every aspect of the application. We have developed a comprehensive understanding of common issues with L1A applications, and take a detail-oriented approach to preparing your case and avoiding the inconsistencies and mistakes that can result in a denial from the US embassy or USCIS. We take the time to get to know you and your company to ensure your application is unique to your situation, which greatly increases your chances of approval.

Our Approach

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