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B1/B2 Tourist Visas

How It Works


Complete your DS160 application for a US B1 and B2 visa right on our website!


Make a payment to Shaffer Immigration Law


An immigration lawyer will review your application within 48 hours


Our legal team will follow up with you if there are any issues or mistakes with your application


We will send you a link to sign your application, submit your visa fees, and schedule an interview at the embassy


Our legal team will contact you with advice about your interview and supporting documents


Pack your bags for the US! Plan your trip once you are issued your visa

About the B Visa

What Does

the B Visa Do?

B visas allow you to visit the United States temporarily for the purposes of business or tourism. There are many activities that are allowed while in the US on a B visa, but there are also many that are not allowed. Most B visas are valid for a period of 10 years and allow you to enter the US multiple times for different purposes within that 10 year period.

A B visa can be a great way to come to the US in advance of your visa application to set up your investment and take preliminary steps towards starting your new company.

If You Are Thinking of Applying

for an E2 Visa

How Do I Qualify for a B Visa?

  • You must be planning to enter the US for a limited period of time (generally less than 6 months)

  • You must intend to depart the US when your authorized period of stay expires

  • You must maintain a foreign residence, which you have no intention of abandoning

  • You must have adequate financial arrangements for your trip

  • You will only engage in certain approved activities related to tourism, visiting family, or limited business activity

Our website allows you to complete a B visa application in one location and have it immediately reviewed by an immigration attorney for accuracy and strength. There are many pitfalls you should be aware of and documentation that you must bring to your interview and when you cross the border into the US. When you complete your application on our website, we will contact you to give you additional information, to review your supporting documents, and to prepare you for your interview and border crossing. Our goal is to ensure that you are always well-prepared and well-informed.

Our Approach

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