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The H/L/J Visa Ban Has Expired! What Does That Mean for You?

On March 31, 2021, the ban on issuance of certain H/L/J nonimmigrant visas expired. However, travel restrictions and due to COVID-19 remain in place, and US embassies and consulates are still operating at reduced levels, impacting the issuance of these visas.

What Changed?

President Trump’s Presidential Proclamation 10014, which banned the issuance of certain types of H/L/J nonimmigrant visas, expired yesterday. President Biden did not revoke this visa ban or institute a new rule; it simply expired as scheduled. The expiration of this ban means that visas may now be issued to the following types of visa holders:

  • H-1B and H-2B

  • J-1

  • L-1A executives and managers

  • L-1B specialized knowledge employees

  • Dependent spouses and children of these visa holders

Other Obstacles

Despite the expiration of this nonimmigrant visa ban, other obstacles remain. US embassies and consulates are still operating at reduced capacity and facing backlogs, which may impact the issuance of the visas listed above. Also, US COVID-19 travel restrictions remain in place for many areas. While there are ways to get around those restrictions, the travel restrictions remain difficult.

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