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Meet Your Immigration Attorney

Daniel Patrick Shaffer

Immigration Lawyer Daniel Patrick Shaffer

I am an American attorney 100% devoted to US immigration law. In my Washington, DC-based practice, I intentionally keep client numbers low to ensure every individual receives the attention they deserve. Providing clients with direct access to their attorney is what sets my firm apart. Working with Shaffer Immigration Law PLLC provides peace of mind that your case is handled by a professional who lives and breathes US immigration law.

Shaffer Immigration Law PLLC focuses on family-based green cards (spouses, fiancés, parents, children, siblings), employment-based green cards (EB-1A, EB-2 NIW, EB-2, EB-3), employment-based visas (E-2 investors, L-1 transferees, O-1A, TN), and B1/B2 tourist visa applications.


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What We Offer

B1/B2 Tourist Visas

Visit the US temporarily for tourism or business. B1/B2 visas are usually valid for multiple trips over 10 years.

Green Cards for Spouses, Children, and Parents

Obtain a Green Card as the spouse, child, or parent of a US citizen so you can live and work in the US permanently.

K-1 Fiancé Visas

Get your fiancé to the US for your wedding. After you are married, your fiancé can apply for a green card.

K-2 Visas for a Fiancé's Children

Allow your fiancé's children to accompany them to the US and obtain a Green Card after your marriage.

E-2 Investor Visas

Invest in a new business in the US or purchase an existing business.

Establish your life and career in the US.

L-1A Intracompany Transferee Visas

Transfer to the US branch of your current employer or open a new US office for your foreign company. Establish yourself as an executive or manager in the US.

TN Visas for Canadian and Mexican Professionals

Pursue your profession in the US. Work full-time in the US under North America's latest trade agreement.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Green Cards

Demonstrate your national or international acclaim in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics and get a Green Card to live and work in the US permanently.

EB-1C Green Cards for Managers & Executives

Transfer to the US branch of your current employer, establish yourself as an executive or manager in the US, and live and work here permanently.

EB-2 Green Cards for Advanced Degree Holders

If you have an advanced degree or Bachelor's with 5 years of progressive experience in your field, get a Green Card to live and work in the US permanently.

EB-2 National Interest Waiver Green Cards

Demonstrate that your field of work is of great benefit to the US and get a Green Card to live and work in the US permanently.

EB-3 Skilled Worker

Green Cards

If you have a job offer in the US for a skilled position, get a Green Card to live and work in the US permanently.

Our Values



We take the time to get to know you,

your situation, your US immigration needs,

and your short- and long-term US immigration goals.

Our approach to your case is driven by

your unique situation.

You need an honest assessment of your case in order to manage risk and make informed decisions about your future and how to present your case to USCIS or the US embassy in your home country. We are always up front with you about your options and chances of obtaining a visa or green card. We are also transparent about our pricing model and don't charge hidden fees.



You should never have to wait and wonder what is happening with your case. It is important to us that you never have difficulty contacting us. We dedicate time every day to be available to you.


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